Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pilot B2P Gel Ink Pens

I recently read about the B2P (Bottle to Pen) pens that are made by Pilot. They are made of over 80% recycled drinking water bottles. They have an awesome look, very much like the water bottles they are made from. They use the Pilot G2 refills so of course they write great. When I started trying to find a place that sold them I discovered much to my sadness that they aren't available in the United States. They've apparently been around elsewhere since 2006 according to the information I was able to dig up about them.

Thanks to the awesome people at Tiger Pens in Great Britain today I received 4 of the B2P pens. I ordered them barely over a week ago and they came by way of the mailman today! I was totally amazed. These people are AWESOME! I can totally recommend them.

I truely can't imagine why Pilot has not been able to offer these pens in the US. As an ecologically minded individual and a big fan of the Pilot G2 pens these would be a big hit with me and other's of like interests I'm sure.


  1. Our local stationery store (northern CA) just got some in. :-)

  2. Awesome! There's hope yet then!!! What's the name of the store?

    Have you tried them (B2P) out yet? I've been writing everything I have any excuse to do with one of them since I got the package ripped open. I really like the way the B2P feels.

  3. Yep, I bought a blue one and like it. Our store is called Ideal Stationers but I think the chain is called McWhorters - they merged or something a few years ago.

  4. I just bought my blue B2P last Saturday at Blick's Art Materials in Berkeley, CA. I'm a fan of the Pilot G2 and Precise V5 but the B2P pen is my current favorite. I've been using it more for writing postcards to friends and family all over the world.